Hello! I am Rachael Iris, welcome to my site! I appreciate you coming to check it out.

I’m from Cheshire in the United Kingdom.

I’m an Affiliate Marketer for Six Figure Mentors. A digital Educational company that helps you to create your own Online Business.

What I do is make money online by selling existing products, and services for commission.
I got to this stage by making some huge changes in my life, that were scary, but I followed my heart and its lead me to the best place I could only ever imagine to be.

I have a passion for Mindfulness, travel and culture. Hence the Yoga photos of me.
It gives me great joy to be able to use my talents and skills from my studies, to help others express their emotions and give them the freedom and ability to do that. Learning to express yourself is so vital. I’m lucky that is what I’m able to do in my work now. Hopefully you can be as lucky too.

Just picture yourself with the life you want to live with no limits. It’s difficult to even imagine but please know it’s possible. Alongside me and the team at SFM you will have continuous help and support needed to get your business up and running.

You can contact me in anyway you wish, it would be great to hear from you, or better still talk face to face on a webinar to begin your journey.


Rachael Iris.



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*This is our full Disclaimer. Please look through cautiously, so you know exactly where you stand.

The results gained within the company are based on the Individual. Success is determined on the hard work and value you apply to your Business. Therefore, Income is not guaranteed if you don’t use the education and tools provided to create your business. You may not get the same results as other members. There can be people who earn no money at all as it all depends on your motivation towards your work. The more work you do the more success you gain. As an Entrepreneur you need to take full responsibility of your business, understanding and accepting these terms will enhance your mindset to master the value you want to provide in your work.