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A saying from Eckhart Tolle said: “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you’re having at this moment”

We can be completely complexed by the way society and life is taking us. We’re running alongside a road, living these experiences, were not sure if were supposed to be on. What makes sense to me is that, if you’re unsure, then you need to listen to your heart, as that problem needs to be solved. Being unsure and having this problem could mean you’re ignoring your intuition. A challenge this may be but by taking your time to sit in silence, to sit with your breath and to engage in clarity. This with practice and continuation will drive you to your truth. The truth is what we want in our lives, the question we seem to use every so often is…” what’s the meaning of life”? is that the question you should be asking? For me we are asking a question with the answer written inside it. Finding our own meaning, perusing our own passions to help value others, that is what life is. By providing meaning means you need to be clear on your value, on your reason why for this meaning and on how you will achieve it. Once you have this recipe detailed in your mind, then you will be able to develop a true sense of yourself. Were still running on this road, we still have a multitude of problems, commitments, responsibilities. Let me tell you to not give up. To find who you are, accept all what has happened in your life. Any bad, negative, hurtful suffering you may have occurred you can transform into lessons, communication, insight and a passion, all the suffering you’ve experienced means all the transformation you are capable of. You can use that suffering, that gift, to help others just like you.


I have experienced the most hurtful losses of the most precious people in my life  and also great illnesses. I have taken my time to help my family, to invest in their health and to bring them back to a stable life. I looked around me everyday and everywhere I went and wondered do all these people, so full of riches, seemed so together, so functional. All people I saw seemed to know what they were doing, where they were going. I thought why can’t I step into this zone of society, this 9 to 5 daily life and enjoy it. Why do I not fit into this? This was so out of reach to me as I couldn’t find what I enjoyed as all I could do was listen to my heart and that would be saying you need to see the world, you need more experiences to help others and connect on a deeper more interesting level of creativity. So I thought to myself what do I want from my career? My life? I needed a strategy, a plan. I was searching online on how to create my own business. This seemed impossible. I was trying and calling people, emailing and endlessly  searching for help, advice on what I should do. It shocked me the lack of help in the world. All I wanted to do was help others that are in need and that seemed so difficult. Then I came across an Advertisement for SFM. I resonated with this so well, exploiting this amazing Adventurous life. I Signed up. I was I’ll after this for a week so in the first day back, and last day, of this workplace that I was in. I received a message, from SFM. Asking me how I got on with the videos. I didn’t see them all at this point, but I’d not forgot, that night I got home, and I watched them. To this day I have never looked back. Six Figure Mentors provides you with the Education, the Mindset, the Capability and Community to Learn and Do your Business at the same time. The universe sent me this gift and It has been the greatest! The amount of like-minded, passionate people of all ages, from people all over the world, joining and collaborating to take their lives out of the daily bump and grind and into a successful hard working and liberating lifestyle that you desire. All I can do is have the upmost gratitude as now I have limitless opportunities and living a life that’s stress free, fun, challenging and developing me as a person. Each day I grow with love and light and focus!! As now I’ve found me, and I’ve stopped hiding away. I’m embracing the dreams I’ve always had, and putting it into Action. The universe is there to guide you, you just need to listen to it and to yourself. Resentment and bitterness won’t allow you to grow but it will gain you disappointment and a constant cycle of sadness, so let that go. Open yourself up and just go for it.


Ask yourself 1 question … Where do you want to be in the next 5 years? And are you taking the right steps in each moment to get you to that place where you want to be?


I am now an Affiliate for SFM and I Market their products and services to people like you, who are looking for a way out of this routine structure or unhappiness your experiencing.

My future goal is to design a package for Children, Teens and Parents to help them cope with the problems their experiencing in this society and how to be mindful approaching the way we communicate with each other, and how to deviate away from the difficulties. With this being my first aim, my second is to take it to the next level and create spaces across the UK for Parents to take their Children and teens, to practice Mindfulness and Creativity such as things like Art Therapy, Circle Time, learning how to cook, how to find what they want in their lives, by developing the best person they can be.

Aside from this I want to Travel the world and Document my journey, designing value for people and inspiring people to find themselves.

I also write poems and have a poetry book I’m publishing. This is based on the world how I see it, from experiences I’ve had, from inspiration I’ve been given and difficulties I’ve overcome. It encompasses personalities and how we live hidden away behind our own selves.


My studies have been based on Science of the Mind, including aspects of Psychology, Counselling, the Mind and Brain, Philosophy and Acting. I like to view people and the world by all perspectives, not just my own.


I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about me. You can contact me by anyway you wish. I am here to help and guide you in whatever way that will be. Click on the button below for access into a Free Video Series, which explains to you in depth about SFM and you can see where I started off.


All my Love.

Rachael Iris,




Rachael Iris

Rachael Iris

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